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Automatic robot glazing producing line machine

Combine glazing system, consists of robot for glazing and handling, conveyor producing line, stainless steel glazing booth and electric cabinet. This system could be applied for glaze spray for various production such as toilet, urinal, tank and basin etc.
As the favorite solution for sanitary ware factory, it has feature of hi-efficiency, fixable extend ability, compact design, hi comprehensive performance.
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1-Machine Structure

Main consists of robot of handling, robot of glazing, conveyor, glazing booth, conveyor, ferrying device, control system and safety system etc.

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2-Working Principle

When the green body moved to the appointed position, it will be taken and fed into glazing booth by handling robot for process of glazing under presetting program . after glazing, glazed piece will move to conveyor for next process.

Certain production will be glazed according to its model, which pre-programed according to its structure, shape etc physical information.  

3-Main technical parameter




1. Portion of handling robot

Model:  R-2000iC/210F

Loading weight: 210kgs

Max radius: 2655mm

Protect grade: main body IP56, movable parts of main body is IP66, arm and wrist IP67

2. Portion of glazing robot

Robot include: robot main body, demonstrator(Point to point teaching, repeat accuracy is high), electrical cabinet

Robot Brand:FANUC, Made in Japan;

Robot Model:M-10 iA/8L ;

Input power: 2KVA, average consumption power: 1kw

Shaft quantity: robot include 6 shafts

(additional adding 7、8 shaft for outside shaft);

Loading weight: 8kgs

Turning radius: 2028mm

Level of protection: on the wrist parts+J3 arm:IP67;

Other parts:IP54 (Hexiang supply dust-proof cloth).

Linear maximum running speed: 2000mm/s.

Repeated positioning accuracy:±0.04mm;

Outside shaft control system: include motors, reducer, Servo enlarger

3. Portion of glazing booth

Booth material: 304 stainless

Booth body thickness: 1.5mm

Glazing Booth size: 3185×1800×2500mm

De-dust booth size: 1450×1800×2750mm

Dedust mean: shower dedust system, With dedust fan: 4KW

With curtain cycle pump, 1.5kw

With collecting glaze carrier

4. Portion of conveyor


Laser positioning device: Positioning the green base

Green bases putting frame: 2 pcs, put green base by manual

Wipe bottom device 1: Robot take glazed base for wiping the bottom in this machine

Conveyor line: 1 set, length 6m

Wipe bottom device 2: Glazed base automatically was moved to this working stable for wipe balance bottom glaze.

Manipulator: 2 sets, Lifting stoke:1.75M, loading capacity: 75kgs

Turning radius: 2.2m,

Lifting drive: by pneumatic

Rotary drive: by manual    

5. Portion of swing arm and turnover table

Turning arm and turn table

Turning arm: return by cylinder, PLC control, with magnetic switch and with antifluctuator for stable running;

Turntable: support of turntable made of 4 pcs rubber, total support height: 80mm, rubber size: 500mm×10×15mm, Support frame height: 70mm

External working table return system is 7th and 8th shaft, servo motor with reducer transmission, can act together with robot;

6. Portion of spray gun

Spray gun model:

automatic spray gun, Brand: DEVIL BISS , Model: VPR-E70-22C

Life: pin and mouth replaced every 3 month, depends on working and glaze conditions.

Glazing mean:

Double gun automatic glazing(sector), surface of glaze is smoothly.  

Sector size in solid side: Dia: 14cm

Control mean:

Double gun double control, independent the electromagnetic valve controller meet with single gun starting condition.

Atomization effect, can control size of sector, meet with demand of different parts

Glaze q’ty adjusting:

The back adjusting bolt in gun can control glazing quantity, every section change 1 s, Glazing amount standard: 200 ml glaze slurry outflow speed is 15±1 S

Spray gun clean:

Robot will send the signal to PLC to control solenoid valve open and close, then air, water pipe will open and finish the cleaning.

Suggest: clean one time after 5-10 products glazing

Control parameter:  

The customer need to supply special air pipe for robot glazing to confirm the enough air supply, and keep the supply Pulverization air pressure is not less than 0.7MPA.

Inlet of glaze:Dia. 12 air pipe glaze pressure: 0.4 - 0.6MPA; Pulverization air usage:Dia.12air pipe, air pressure: 0.7MPA; Sector air usage:Dia.8 air pipe air pressure: 0.15MPA;

Usage air of open and close gun:Dia.6 air pipe, air pressure: 0.4MPA;

7. Portion of glaze tank

Glaze tank

Material of tank: 304 stainless steel

With agitator and radar liquid probe

With glaze temperature feedback control

Glaze feeding pump

Pump model: 1.5”

Pump brand: Sandpiper

Supply glaze to robot

8. Portion of safety device

Guard fence: about 30m

Machine repair door: Width 1.6m, H 1.8M

Safety lock: D4NS-1CF, brand Omron

Safety curtain: F3SG-4RE0830P30, L=830

9. Portion of electrical control system

The system includes:

Robot control cabinet

Main control cabinet

Pneumatic control system

Cable tray and cable

Control system

This control system includes PLC general control system and robot single control system. PLC general control system can finish integrated device’s running control.

PLC Brand: Siemens , model: 1200 Series。

Robot: have independent control system

Robot control cabinet power: 2KVA

Single motor output power for turn table: 2.5KW

If happen electrical stop suddenly, when robot re-start, it will have memory function.  

The control system also includes the following items:

system protect device

a fault alarm mode

Motor overload protect Once fault occurs, the control system automatically and immediately shutdown related equipment power supply to avoid the accident happen and will have sound and light alarm. Spraying glaze program, storage/backup of system information: CF card or USB

Main electrical element: imported brand, such as Siemens PLC, Omron electric elements, SMC pneumatic control elements

Between Hexiang’s cabinet to Hexiang’s machine, the cable and electric wire should be supplied and connected by Hexiang engineer.

Robot teaching programming mean

Handheld programmer

Edit time: cistern and wash basin is 30mins

Robot running speed unit: 800mm/s

Before editing program, the product should make simple line analysis, make robot moving trajectory, then make the program.

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