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  • What are the market Trends for glazing equipment?
    glazing equipment is an essential tool in the production of sanitary ware products. It is used to apply a layer of glaze on ceramic products such as toilets, sinks, and bathtubs. The glaze provides a smooth and glossy finish that makes the product look attractive and easy to clean. In this article,
  • What are the different types of drying equipment?
    Equipment can be classified into different categories based on their functions, features, and applications. One of the common types of equipment is drying equipment, which is used to remove moisture from various materials. drying machinery is widely used in industries such as food, pharmaceutical, c
  • Should I Invest in glazing equipment?
    Glazing equipment is a type of machinery that is used to install windows, glass panes, and other air-tight surfaces. glazing machinery can provide contractors with a unique solution when it comes to glazing projects, as it can offer safe and efficient lifting capabilities, precise and accurate place
  • What are the advantages of high pressure casting machines?
    Why is high pressure casting machine equipment in the forming workshop of sanitary ware factory? What are the characteristics of high pressure casting machine parts? How to prevent the porosity of products produced by high pressure casting machine for sanitary ware tank?
  • In what fields can high pressure casting machine be applied?
    High pressure casting machine plays an important role in the molding workshop of sanitary ware factory. In addition, what other aspects can high pressure casting machine be applied in? How does a high pressure casting machine for sanitary ware tank?
  • How to choose high pressure casting machine?
    High pressure die casting machine is a machine used to produce ceramic sanitary ware with high final efficiency. What are the advantages of products made by High Pressure Casting Machine for sanitary ware tank? What kind of high pressure die casting machine equipment should we choose?
  • Why do ceramic factories need ball mills?
    Ball mills are widely used in sanitary ware factories or ceramic tile factories and other raw material workshops. What is the function of the grinding wet mill? Compared with other equipment, what are the characteristics of the clay grinding ball mill?What is a ball mill?How a ball mill worksWhat is
  • What role does the ball mill play in ceramic factories production trends?
    Some of you may know that ball mills are usually used in sanitary ware factories or ceramic tile factories. But do you know how a Grinding Wet Mill works? What should we pay attention to when using a grinding ball mill machine for ceramic material?The concept of a ball millHow a ball mill worksAddit
  • What are the characteristics and functions of the ball mill
    Compared with the traditional milling machine, what are the advantages of clay grinding ball mill that make it get the favor of the market? What are the different types of ball mills currently on the market? What does the productivity of a mill for sanitary ware depend on?The difference between ball
  • Melting the team, casting a dream---Hexiang 2019 outreach training has been successfully concluded!
    On the occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival, in order to strengthen the company's staff team building, enhance mutual communication among employees, and cultivate team spirit and collaboration awareness, the company organized a two-day beach team building outreach training.
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