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Hexiang High Pressure Casting Machine Manufacturer

Display of High Pressure Casting Machine

Hexiang is a professional high pressure casting machine manufacturer for sanitary ceramic.We have many types of high pressure casting machines,mainly Hi-Pressure Casting Machine for Wash Basin,High Pressure Casting Machine for cistern,Automatic High Pressure Casting Machine for Intelligent Toilet,L Type Intelligent Toilet,etc. Modern high pressure casting equipment integrating water, electricity, compressed air, hydraulic and vacuum technologies. It is the first choice for modern sanitary ceramic plant and factory. High output, low labor cost, energy saving and environmental protection are the main advantages of this equipment.

Why You Should Choose Hexiang

Hexiang was established in 1998, with registered capital of 53.4 million RMB, as a technological innovation-based enterprise, business scope covering sanitary ware machinery design and development, manufacturing,installation and commissioning,technical services and has self-managed import and export rights.Annual capacity of 8,000 sets of various series ceramics machinery ,high pressure casting machine is one of our main machine.
After 24 years’ diligent efforts, Now we have become the largest and the most professional sanitary Ceramic factory designer, sanitary ceramic machine manufacturer & technical solution provider in China and the world.We have now obtained 313 patents,including 32 invention patents.We also have SGS and CE certificate.

Application of High Pressure Casting Machine

As professional high pressure casting machine manufacturer for sanitary ceramic,Hexiang’s high pressure casting machine for wash basin is applicable to cast sanitary ceramic cabinet basins (above and under counter basins), wash basin, lava, squatting pan and lid, sinks, shower pedals and other products.

Maintanance of High Pressure Casting Machine

Tips for operating sanitary ware high pressure casting machine.

Ensure the hydraulic system works smoothly, the model closing action is smooth and accurate, the compressed air pressure of each part meets the requirements. Often check the hydraulic oil level in the tank of the hydraulic station, and make timely replenishment and regular replacement.
For sanitary ware high pressure casting machine maintenance,mainly is mould maintenance.

Mould in the use of mud after 200 times, the operator on the model surface with 600 mesh sandpaper to remove attachments on the surface of the water,such as: water tank at the bottom of the exterior edges of carefully polished, basin on metope and narrow areas at the junction of bibcock installation, implement the bonding surface and former board etc.

High Pressure Casting Machine FAQs

  • What is the price of high pressure casting machines?

    Different high pressure casting machine have different price,it mainly determined by mold,working stations etc.
  • How do we solve the machine problem after your engineer leaving?

    Generally speaking, there will be no problem after finish installing.If you have any problem,pls contact our after sales specialist at any time.After-sales department has 30 engineers,they will take a solution video according to your description.
  • How could we do if the parts broken within warranty?

    We would express the free replacement parts during the warranty date.
  • How long is the high pressure casting machine's warranty period?

    All our machine have one year guarantee, starting from finished installation date.
  • How long will your engineer reach our factory?

    Our After-sales Specialist would contact with you, confirm the final schedule according to your reasonable request. 

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