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Cycle Glazing Line


1-Product name:

Carrousel Glazing Line for sanitary ware ceramic toilet and wash basin (model: 68-units)

Key words:

Carrousel glazing device 

Cycle glazing line for sanitary ware

Carrousel glazing line for toilet

Sanitary ware ceramic carrousel glazing line

Ceramic toilet carrousel glazing line

Sanitary ware glazing line

Sanitary ware glazing machine

Ceramic cycle glazing line

Ceramic toilet trap glazing machine 

Ceramic toilet recycles glazing line 

Glazing line for toilet 

Glazing line for sanitary ware 

Recycle glazing line for sanitary ware

Sanitary ware ceramic glazing machine

H.S.code: 8424899990

Glazing machine- manual glazing 

Model: 68-unit

Application of machine

The Carrousel glazing device producing line is used for dust removal, glazing and glaze slurry recovery of sanitary ware of different model. The glazing line is an automatic circulation line, which is convenient and quick to glaze, and the holding-bracket is automatically cleaned, which can achieve the function of recycling, save a lot of labor and improve work efficiency.

3-Machine’s structure 

The equipment consists of driving part, transmission part, dust removal and trap glazing part, SS glazing booth, glaze slurry circulation part, holding-bracket cleaning part and manipulator loading and unloading part (optional). 

The transmission part comprises a speed reducer, a driving chain, a transmission chain and an integral frame; Dust removal and trap glazing part includes dust removal and glazing cabinet, centrifugal fan, dust blowing pipeline and other main parts; 

Glaze circulation system is composed of pneumatic diaphragm pump and circulation pipeline. Bracket cleaning part is mainly composed of bracket cleaning cabinet and pipeline pump; 

There is a independent manipulators for loading and unloading green body/glazed piece (optional)

4-working principle::

In the driving part, the holding bracket and green body are moved by a speed reducer and a driving chain, so that the holding bracket circulates around an annular track, the holding bracket can be cleaned in a cleaning cabinet, and then the piece is loaded and unloaded to complete a glazing cycle.

In the glazing dust removal part, glaze slurry is sprayed onto the surface of the green body with a spray gun, and some glaze slurry particles float in the cabinet. Under the action of strong air suction of centrifugal fan, air containing glaze slurry particles enters the water curtain dust remover. Using the self-excitation principle, the water curtain is impacted under the action of airflow, which arouses a large amount of water spray to form a water curtain, absorbs small particles of glaze slurry, and eliminates purified air to achieve green environmental protection

3D reference structural photo of machine and main component 

5-main technical parameter :

No Items Contents 

General parameter 

1 overall dimensions (L x W x H) of the overall system: about 38.6m×6m×0.8m × 0.8m.

2 Total quantity of unit 68

3 working environment temperature: 15℃-40℃

Driving part

1 reducer model CHM-5

2 transmission power 3KW

3 drive chain: cross drive chain FC400C

4 Number of driving dials 6

5 Speed regulation mode variable frequency stepless speed change

6 Conveying speed: 15 seconds- 37 seconds/station (2m - 4.2m/min), adjustable in frequency conversion 3. Transmission part:

Transmission part:

1 model of circulating chain cross chain C400C

Dust removal part

1 model of sewage pump 50GWP20-15-1.5

2 Dust removal type: By water curtain


1 Pneumatic diaphragm pump model Wilton DN80

2 glaze method with pressure spray gun

3 Glaze circulation mode of glaze By diaphragm pump 

in order to avoid structure polluted by glaze, , all parts touching glaze are made of stainless steel.

Holding bracket cleaning method 

1 model of sewage pump 50GWP20-15-1.5 

The holding bracket cleaning cabinets are all made of stainless steel

Fan for dust exhaust conduct 

1 centrifugal fan model 4-72No12C 

2 inverter model CHE100A-055G/075P-4

6-output and efficiency 

Capacity calculation, sample by 2 module type 

Production is 1-piece toilet 

working time 9 Hours per shift

Q’ty of operator 12

Output 1200 Piece/shift 

Average output 11 Pcs/man/hour 

7-photo of machine and to-be-sprayed piece

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