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Final Sanitary Ware Inspection Systems

Finished sanitary ware inspection conveyor line is a set of automatic inspection system which integrates firing products unloading, logistics transportation, product image classification, appearance inspection, water flush test and leakage test, soaked into water test and so on. Equipment technical process and online inspection station can be customized according to customer process requirements, production capacity and site requirements. It can connect with MES system of factory, make data online in real time, and facilitate production management.
It is suitable for sorting, conveying and function testing of finished sanitary ware products such as one piece toilet, two piece toilet, washbasin, washbasin pedestal, urinal, squatting pant and water tank. It has a high degree of automation, high efficiency, in line with the current national development trend of environmental protection, energy saving, emission reduction and efficiency improvement. It is an automatic inspection and transportation equipment.

1- Characteristics of equipment

1. Suitable for sanitary ware transportation & inspection & packing

2. Full auto delivery system, reduce carrying destroy

3. Full auto Camera identification & sorting system

4. Reduce carrying, lower labor intensity

5. Frequency control, PLC touch screen control

6. On-line inspection, leakage detection, flush inspection

2-Comparison list between auto inspection & conveyor systems and Tradition manual testing & operation


Auto systems

Manual testing

Manpower output


Reduce body trolley quantity, lower manpower carrying cost, reduce 5 stevedores (daily 5000 pieces output)

Reduce carrying, lower labor intensity

 Floor area

After making over, area occupy only 1200 m2 about

Daily output 5000 pieces, inspection area 250 m2 about

Percent of pass

Compared with before, reduce false detection and duplicate detection 15%

Compared with before, breakage rate decrease 5%

 Skills qualification

Auto conveyor line needs not strict labor skills, common staff can be competent after simple training

Energy needs

Compressed air pressure is up to 0.6-0.8MPa, that meets producing demand

 Course controllable

Auto control of course, technology parameters can be pre-set

Common inspection table has low control ability

Man efficiency

Daily output 5000 pieces, needs 70 person after updating

Traditional inspection technology needs 80 person, for daily output 5000 pieces

Work environment

Improve work environment

Relatively badbig work intensity

3- Main Technical Data



Applicable product size

Max L×W×H=900×600×840mm

Applicable products

one piece WC, two piece WC, water tank, wash basin, squatting pan, urinal, pedestal and etc.


Conveyor adopts side roller chain structure, power 1.5kw, reduction ratio 1:80, speed 5m/min, can be equipped with frequency control also


Cylinder inside the conveyor needs 0.5~0.8MPa compressed air

Water source pressure


Air source pressure


Workshop temperature requirement

5℃-36 ℃


Treated on sewage, two times filtration

Water source temperature

 normal temperature

Leakage testing machine Max vacuum pressure


Max air source pressure


Impacting cylinder

 stroke can be adjusted by hand, suitable for various products leakage inspection.

Leakage testing machine

Vacuum absorbing time is about 15-35 seconds (HAOLIWANG brand, 1.5KW, flow 575L/min, every 30 days change impacting plate and sponge advised

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