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Hexiang Successfully Signed "Intelligent Manufacturing" Project

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On April 28, 2020, the "Intelligent Manufacturing" application demonstration site meeting for high-quality manufacturing development sponsored by Chaoan District Committee and the People's Government of Chaozhou city was held ceremoniously at the Productivity Promotion Center of Guxiang Town, Chaoan District. Participants includes: deputy secretary of Chaoan District Party Committee, mayor comrade Zhang Guangxian, Standing Committee Member and deputy mayor comrade Zengxu of Chaoan District Party Committee of Chaozhou city, principal leaders of relevant units in Chaoan district, heads of towns (farms), presidents of various industry associations in the district, general manager Zhao Xianglai of Tangshan Hexiang Industrial Co., Ltd. and other leaders of major relevant enterprises.


At the on-site meeting, Tangshan Hexiang Industrial Co., Ltd. successfully signed the "bank-enterprise cooperation" project with ICBC Chaozhou Branch, Guangdong ANBI Technology Co., Ltd. and Guangdong Jinsili Sanitary Ware Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. respectively. After signing of contract, it will help Hexiang develops in high quality and promote the power of scientific and technological innovation.


ICBC Chaozhou Branch (first from right), Hexiang (middle), Guangdong ANBI Technology Co., Ltd. (first from leftright)


ICBC Chaozhou Branch (first from right), Hexiang. (middle), Guangdong Jinsili Sanitary Ware Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. (first from left)

On-site meeting, comrade Zhang Guangxian, deputy secretary of Chaoan district party Committee and mayor of Chaoan district, said that he would do his best to speed up the pace of "intelligent manufacturing" technological transformation, realize the high-quality development of Chaozhou ceramic industry group, promote the automation and intelligence of ceramic industry with solid results, and improve the market competitiveness of enterprises. The leaders of Guxiang township government introduced the construction of brand exhibition hall and productivity promotion center of sanitary ware industry. On behalf of experts in the industry,  Mdm. Dong Haiyan, sales department chief of Tangshan Hexiang Industrial Co., Ltd., analyzed the application and broad prospects of intelligent manufacturing equipment. Chaozhou Branch of ICBC made a speech on the special financing policy for enterprises.

image5Zhang Guangxian, deputy secretary and head of Chaoan district Party committee of Chaozhou City


Mdm. Dong Haiyan, Sales department chief of Hexiang 

This cooperation is Chaozhou's first intelligent manufacturing demonstration project, which has played a strong role in promoting the cooperation parties to give full play to their respective advantages, share resources and win-win results. Hexiang has been deeply engaged in the field of ceramic equipment for more than 20 years, adhering to the idea of high-quality development, the power of scientific and technological innovation and the measures of industrial transformation and upgrading. Hexiang has promoted ceramic enterprises to improve production efficiency and optimize product quality through equipment renewal and technological improvement, aiming at reducing the dependence of ceramic enterprises on labor force and realizing industrial transformation and upgrading.


The automatic high-pressure grouting molding equipment and robot series products of Hexiang Industrial have been widely applied in the ceramic sanitary ware production field, serving various famous brands at home and abroad, enabling customers to truly realize the economic benefits brought by high-tech intelligent equipment, and effectively promoting the rapid and healthy development of the sanitary ware industry.

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