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Melting the team, casting a dream---Hexiang 2019 outreach training has been successfully concluded!

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On the occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival, in order to strengthen the company's staff team building, enhance mutual communication among employees, and cultivate team spirit and collaboration awareness, the company organized a two-day beach team building outreach training.


In the two-day training, all members divided two teams, under the leadership of the coach, broke the ice and formed a team. After a lot of brainstorming between the two teams, each of the loud team slogans and distinctive team LOGO made their brilliant appearances one by one. The distinctive and powerful team names of "Guanhe Team" and "Xianglong Team" opened the prelude to the expansion training.


"Water gun tearing up famous brands, Roman gun mounts, beach rescues, group dragons taking water, going to the future together, punishing prisoners, power circles..." The exciting activities enriched and enriched personal experience while allowing everyone to break through the narrowness of themselves, for the team Interests and team goals do their best. Throughout the process, everyone cheered each other up, helped each other, and carried forward the fighting spirit of uncompromising, not discouraged, and persevering at work, pushing the atmosphere of the scene to one climax after another.


If you can use all your power, you will be invincible in the world; if you can use all your wisdom, you will be fearless than a saint. From focusing on oneself to focusing on the collective, from the weak to the strong, during the entire development training process, everyone was fully engaged and showed a good mental state; after experiencing the joy of success brought by dedication, collaboration, and courage, everyone was profound Realize the essence of "team strength" and fully realize the meaning of cooperation, communication, coordination and responsibility for the entire team.



One time expansion

Different harvest

We fight hard

We are brave to challenge

We are collaborative and enterprising

Every effort of you and me

Made the best team

Gathered into Hexiang's power to advance!

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