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One Piece Wc Lifting Line


One Piece Toilet semi auto lifting battery Casting Line,

water closet semi auto lifting casting battery producing line with two layers 

Two piece water closet semi auto lifting casting battery producing line with two layers 

Sanitary ware ceramic one piece water closet semi auto lifting casting machine with roller storage line hot sales

Low invest low pressure casting machine for one piece water closet for sales

High quality low pressure casting producing line for one piece water closet for sales

Semi auto control low pressure sling lifting casting line of water closet from China

Semi automatic one piece toilet lifting casting producing line low pressure casting technology from China

Low pressure casting technology low invest cost semi auto casting line for one piece wc

Sanitary ware toilet ceramic Casting Line

Sanitary ware ceramic toilet casting bench

Water closet battery casting Line

One piece toilet green base Casting Line

Base Mold Lifting Toilet green base ware Casting Line

One Piece Toilet Casting machine

Semi auto one piece toilet casting battery

one piece water closet producing line

one piece toilet casting battery line

one piece casting battery line

auto one piece casting machine

sanitary ware one piece casting battery bench

sanitary ware one piece casting machine

toilet producing line for sanitary ware

The equipment is used to produce two-piece water closet toilet, bottom mold lifted integrally to save the producing efficiency, reducer labor strength. Every casting bench can load 18-30 sets plaster mold, every day cast 1-2 times. This machine can realize auto feeding slip, auto micro-pressure consolidate, auto return slip, improve producing pass rate.

Main frame

Lifting frame of bottom mold

Press of air belt

Hook rod

Transmission shaft

Main bench

Pneumatic unloading base carrier

Store the greenwares for drying

Micro-pressure pipe system

Control system

Travel switch

Supply slip system

Main frame

a. Include support column, beam, vertical column, guide column, mid-guide seat and connecting plate of guide column.

b. The column, beam and vertical column is the main parts to support the machine. The guide column on the both ends of bench and mid-guide seat control the veracity of lifting track.

Lifting frame of bottom mold:

Lifting frame Include the frame of beam, hanger frame, end guide wheel device, mid vice guide-wheel device, hanger seat for mold and so on. This part is used to open and close bottom mold installed in here.

Press of air belt:

Air belt is installed the under of lifting frame and though the hanger seat and beam frame. When the air belt is filled with air, bottom mold is pressed to prevent leakage of slip.

Hook rod:

a. Hook rod is consist of cylinder, rod, turn arm, hook, hook down seat, position handle, chain approach switch etc.. The part is used to lock press the lifting frame and bench after closed mold and before air inflation of air belt.

b. The chain approach switch is used to test whether come away, the lifting frame should not be lifted before no opening the switch to

Protect the parts.

Transmission shaft:

Transmission shaft is used to lifting drive of lifting frame

Main bench:

Main bench is used to install and operate the main mold

Pneumatic unloading base carrier

Pneumatic unloading base carrier is used to clamp and turn base

Storage green base line:

Shelf is used to store the green bases for drying

Micro-pressure pipe system:

Micro-pressure pipe system is used to consolidate micro-pressure after discharging slip inside of base.

Control system:

Control system is consist of electrical control cabinet, air control valve, air filtration decompress, manual air control valve and frame, used to

Control lifting of lifting frame, connecting and separating of hook rod, filling and discharging air of press air belt and automatic slip valve.

Travel switch:

Travel switch is used to control travel limit of lifting frame of bottom mold.

Supply slip system:

a. Supply slip system includes hi-level tank, support frame of tank, supply slip system, casting slip system and back slip system

b. Supply slip system is used to control the casting of base.

 Highly automatic

The battery casting line equip with an control cabin, which can set parameters and control slip supplying, slip discharging and return automatically

Few operators need, lower the working intensity and saving cost

Easily operate

The battery casting line equip with an control system, which can set parameters easily

Better suitability and extend ability

This battery casting line could use to fabricate one piece toilet, two-piece toilet and bidet

Good capacity for green base storage

This battery casting line equip one-layer or two-layerstorage platform to store more greenwares.

6. Running Steps

Main mold closing:

Locate the clamp car and the casting bench with the bolt and clamp all the molds by rolling the clamp handle.

Bottom mold closing:

Press the “Down” button to make the lifting frame decline until entire molds close completely

Hooker joint:

Push the hooker position handle upward step by step and make the hooker down to inset the hook seat slot hole under the casting bench

Hold down of bottom mold:

Fill the compressed air into the air bag which will jack up the lifting frame accordingly

Slip supply, slip drain and green wares hard

Loose of bottom mold:

Discharge the compressor air in air bag until completely down of lifting frame.

Break-away of the hook:

The cylinder retracts to drive the hook rotating counter clockwise

De-molding of bottom mold:

Press the “up/down” button to lift the hoisting frame and drive the bottom mold open slowly to avoid the green body damage caused by strain.

De-molding of the main mold:

Loose the handle of clamp carrier and extract the pin, pull the clamp carrier to the end of casting bench, pull the main mold accordingly to let the green body dry first so that assure come strength before rolling-over.

Unloading and take off of base:

Turn over the molds and store the green wares in the storage platform



Ground Line Length



Depends on customer capacity

Top line Length









Maximum Height

Length of Storage Platform



Width of Storage Platform



Height of Storage Platform



Size of Whole Line



Line size only

Molds Available



depends on the size of the molds

Ground Incline


Ground Incline adjustable scale






Power of Main Motor





Power of Lights



Power of Fans

Air Pressure





Installation Ground Needed



3.6meter for each line





Minimum width needed



Minimum width for casting line running


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