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Semi-checking Line


1- Product name: Semi-inspected conveyor line

Green base checking convey line after drying

Automatic surface inspection systems convey line

Turnkey inspecting plants for the green base of ceramic sanitaryware

Automatic inspection and packaging producing line for sanitary ware plants

Intelligent ceramic inspection systems

Intelligent sanitary ceramic inspection and quality testing producing line

Intelligent sanitary ceramic inspection quality testing packaging producing line

Customs code: 90261000

Finished sanitary ware inspection systems

Finished products testing line

Finished products testing systems

Final sanitary ware inspection systems

Final products testing systems

Final products inspection line

Sanitary Ware inspecting line

quality testing producing line

Fired sanitary base testing and inspection line

Robot palletize producing line

Toilet package line

Sanitary ware auto package line

Turnkey plants for the production of ceramic sanitaryware

 Inspection and packaging line 

3- Products usage

Body conveying system:

The conveying form of the body conveying system: including AGV trolley conveying; multiple-speed chain conveying; side roller conveying; hanging basket conveying; synchronous belt conveying.

 Products structure characteristics and technical parameters

The conveying line requires PLC control, to realize the effect of combining both automatic conveying and human operation.

Specifications and parameters: Max weight of products is 70KG/each

Two piece water closet pallet size:L880mm, W500mm, H40mm

Conveyor line structure form: side roller conveyor line + power roller conveyor line, the line body is equipped with corresponding aluminum profiles.

Product conveying speed: linear 2-8 m/min (frequency control for speed regulation)

All bearings adopt SKF brand parts, and the chain adopts Suzhou special high-quality chain;

All pipes and profiles adopt national standard profiles;

All pneumatic components adopt the SMC brand parts;

The motor adopts SEW brand parts;

Low-voltage electrical components are selected from SIEMENS or SCHNEIDER brand parts;

The touch screen uses SIEMENS KT900, frequency converter;

PLC and touch screen use SIEMENS brand parts;

All air pipe quick connectors adopt SMC brand parts;

All cables adopt the sun brand parts;

The drag chain adopts the IGUS brand;

Vacuum pump brand LEYBOLD, RFID: SIEMENS or BALLUFF;

All equipment surfaces require baking paint or powder spraying, and all unmarked product brands are domestic and foreign high-quality first-grade well-known brands;

Robot brand: FANUC;

Automatic sealing machine brand: YONGCHUANG.

Features of side roller conveyor line:

1. The conveyor chain adopts a short-pitch side roller chain with a pitch of 19.05mm. The chain links are specially heat-treated to increase strength and reduce stretching.

2. The chain guide rail adopts an open type aluminum profile with stretched self-made mold structure, which is convenient for dust cleaning, beautiful and durable.

3. Transition rollers are used for the transition section connected by the chain to reduce vibration and increase stability.

4. The PLC controller and main electrical components reserve 20% of the space to facilitate process commissioning, debugging and adjustment.

5. The standard RITTAL control cabinet is adopted to ensure the tightness of the electric control cabinet and the safe operation of electrical components.

6. The PLC controller adopts the SIEMENS 1500 type componets with self-check function. If the motor is overloaded during the operation of the whole line, or the main electrical execution element failure occurrence, the system will give an alarm and show where the fault is.

7. The actuators of water, gas, and electricity are equipped with communication devices, which are convenient for mastering and analyzing data.

8. The PLC controller adopts the original Germany SIEMENS parts, the frequency converter adopts the OMRON brand parts, the pneumatic components such as stoppers adopt the AIRTAC brand parts. Ensure the stable operation of the equipment.

9. The main part of the line body is equipped with a feedback system. When a fault occurs, the equipment will stop running and give an alarm to avoid loss.

10. The entire line body has a data acquisition system and quantity memory function, which is convenient for counting output data and percent of pass.

11. Brand of reducer transmission: CPG brand or CHENGMING

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