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Parts Mold Toilet High Pressure


1-Product name:

5 parts mold high pressure casting machine for sanitary ware water closet toilet bowl (5-part-mould+slide-frame body taking model)

Skirt water closet high pressure casting plants for sanitary ware ceramic

Water closet toilet high pressure casting producing line for sanitary ceramic

Toilet body one time casting by high pressure technology for sanitary ware ceramic

Water closet toilet bowl casting machine high pressure casting plants for sanitary ware ceramic

Key words:

Hexiang hi-pressure sanitary ware casting machine for bowl of 2-piece toilet

Toilet Cistern High Pressure Casting Machine

High Pressure Casting for toilet bowl

High Pressure Casting Machine of Water Closet

High Pressure Casting for Water Closet bowl

High Auto Sanitary Ware Forming Casting Machine

High Quality Sanitary Ware Pressure Casting

Water closet bowl High Pressure Casting Machine

Ceramic Toilet High Pressure Casting Machine

Sanitary Ceramic Toilet Pressure Casting Machine

High Pressure Forming Machine for Sanitary Ware

2- product grouping

Casting machine-High pressure casting machine-bowl

Model: bowl of 2 piece with 5-part mould

3- Product use:Application of machine

This pressure casting machine with 2-12 module can produce skirt toilet water closet, one piece toilet bowl, two piece toilet bowl, water closet bowl which is a modern high pressure casting equipment which integrates comprehensive technology of water, electricity, compressor air, hydraulic and vacuum. 

As the first choice for modern sanitary ceramic factory and favorite of client, it is mainly applicable to cast and form green body of 1-piece toilet. 

Its' advantage is: high output, low labor cost, energy saving and environmental protection, also it solves the problem of youth labor shortage.

4-Machine’s structure 

Main consists of /portion of main body, compressed air, mould hydraulic press, slip feeding pressure reinforce, vacuum demoulding system and electrical auto control system etc. 

2 moulds one piece toilet  high pressure casting machine for sanitary ware includes: 

1. Main body with one layers;

2. Toilet bowl casting working station;

3. Tank casting working station;

4. Compressed air;

5. Mould hydraulic pressurize system;

6. Slip feeding pressure reinforce;

7. Vacuum demoulding system;

8. Green bases conveyor system;

9. Electrical auto control system

5-working principle: By the high pressure generated by the hydraulic station, the water contained inside the slip is discharged through the drainage pipe of the porous resin layer, while the solidity remained in the mould, thus achieving the purpose of rapid forming of green body. 

3D reference structural photo of machine and main component 

1. Suitable for producing different model one piece toilet, two piece toilet.

2. Machine advantage:

High auto control, low labor strength;

Small floor space with low building cost;

The machine chooses Siemen PLC 1500 series, can realize remoting control and   fault eliminate, help factory to manage producing;

Choose Japan SMC pneumatic control system, Omron lighting control element, Germany IFM sensor, Hydraulic system adopts American Rexroth valve group, Germany Pepper Fuchs proximity switch, America Parker seal to make sure the machine stable running, reduce faults rate. 

The machine adopts marine fluorocarbon paint, which has strong corrosion resistance in high temperature and high humidity environments.

5-main technical parameter :

№ Items Contents

1 Demoulding method Vertical lifting+ Transverse  horizontal + vacuum suction+ compressed air

2 Mould close method mould close by hydraulic

3 Pressure of mould close 40-60T

4 Accurate of mould close ±0.25mm

6 Pressure of low-pressure slip feeding 0.02-0.05MPa

7 Pressure of hi-pressure slip feeding 0.8-1.0MPa

8 Method to increase pressure for slip feeding By hydraulic

9 Pressure of compressed air ≥0.6MPa

10 Q’ty of mould 2 (5-part structure)

11 Pressure of water resource 0.3MPa

13 Quantity of mould 1 piece/time/module

15 Total install power 24KW

16 Method of green body taking Electrical lifting+ pneumatic /electrical horizontal fold-speed+ transportation by step conveyor

17 Overall size 2880*4910mm/working unit

6-output and efficiency 

Capacity calculation, sample by 8 module type 

Daily working time 22 Hours/day

1320 Mins/day

Q’ty of module 2 1 pcs of mould/module 

Casting cycle 50 Mins (about 35 minutes for machine casting and another 15 minutes for manual taking and polishing of loose pieces)

Daily output 52.8 pcs

Average manpower output 

Q’ty of shift per day 2

Manpower per shift 2

Average manpower output 13.2 6.6pcs/man/shift; includes process of loose piece taking, polishing and installation; polishing, hole punching, body turnover etc 

7-brand of main components 

Item No Parts name Brand Remarks

1 PLC Siemens  1200-1500 Series

2 Touching screen Kinco  

3 Pneumatic control cabinet SMC Integrated control

4 Pneumatic control elements SMC Air pipe, valve

5 Travel Switch Schneider  

6 Proximity switch Pepperl fuchs  

7 Water drop separator SMC  

8 Micro-mist separator SMC  

9 Cycle vacuum pump Nash  

10 Speed control valve SMC  

11 Cylinder SMC  

12 Solenoid valve SMC  

13 Reducing valve SMC  

14 Electric elements Schneider and Omron  

15 Safety curtain Omron  

16 Hydraulic valve group Rexroth  

17 Seal of hydraulic station Parker  

8-photo of green body produced by HPCM:

9—reference photo of machine in running 

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